can't access software for invent jetronic + other questions

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Hello there, apologies for writing in english, I'm from Latvia and don't understand russian, I've already used google translate on various searches but can't find the solution, so i'm writing here, i'd be very appreciative if you helped out a very frustrated by ke-jet potential customer -
firstly, my engine is 2.3 NG from audi 90, that's been put in audi 100 c3.

1) i can't download the software for invent jetronic for some reason. when i click on it, it says - the requested page could not be found.
2) i can't find anyone in Latvia that has tried invent labs products for some reason, i'm also not very technically inclined, so excuse the dummy questions.
3) what are the advantages of this product over the kjetkillers product from poland?
2) does the full package come with fuel injectors? what kind of injectors do you recommend?
3) do i have to change out the fuel pump as well? i just replaced mine.
4) how would the whole wiring thing go in since i have an audi 100 c3 but the engine is 2.3 NG from the audi 90? any incompatibility issues?
5) if something breaks down during use, can i buy a separate replacement part or do i have to get the whole package again? i understand that i can purchase separate parts as well, is that true?
6) is this fuel system for the 2.3 NG engine mono or sequential?

massive thanks to any kind soul that could help me out with this
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Hi! Not a problem.
I'll move this topic to the english forum after you read my answer.

1 - Thanks for pointing this out, I've just fixed the URL
2 - We had some orders from Latvia, though not many. I guess because of russian website (we launched english version a month ago). Our products are well-known in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova.
3 - I'm not familiar with kjetkillers product, so can't really answer your question. Price point is obviously lower. We're focusing more on functionality, less on appearance.
4 - We're selling full installation kit. You install everything and run the engine. We're using new original Bosch injectors.
5 - You can leave your K-Jet fuel pump. Or if it's worn out - replace with conventional EFI fuel pump, which is a lot cheaper.
6 - It doesn't matter. Everything is connected under the hood, all 5-cyl engines are basically the same.
7 - Yes, we're selling spare parts. The only thing that actually can break is MAP sensor. They are generally available everywhere. You can use ours, or any compatible.
8 - It's sequential.
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wonderful, thank you for the swift answer, placing my order now